Threatened Species (a poem for National Libraries Day)

My cameraman and me – we’ve both

Been creeping through urban undergrowth

Through towns and rural desert, since

There are rumours of sightings, we might catch a glimpse

Of a rare and elusive library book

Ssshh, don’t move now, quickly – look!

It’s on that bookshelf, quick, quick, quick!

Get your camera – Click! Click! Click!

Oh no, you missed it then – you blinked

And your local library’s now extinct



2 Comments to “Threatened Species (a poem for National Libraries Day)”

  1. I’m having a lovely morning reading all your wonderful work – what a find! Threatened Species is a most brilliant idea, perfectly executed; how clever to come up with a funny take on a gloomy subject.

    • Thanks so much for your encouraging comments. The two library poems were definitely not my best, but I wrote them in a bit of a rush yesterday afternoon, after reading Julia Donaldson’s take on the subject. I also wrote another (not posted) in which a homeless library book was sitting begging for a bit of change, but that one was a bit gloomy!

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