What did you do at school today, dear?

When Mum says: ‘What did you do today?’

I never know what I’m supposed to say

I sat on my bum

I did a sum

(There were one or two

That I couldn’t quite do)

I wrote some words

I ate my dinner

I ran some races

(I wasn’t the winner)

And everything else I’ve clean forgot

So I always just say



2 Comments to “What did you do at school today, dear?”

  1. I like this one Elli! Though my two always say “I can’t remember” as their standard response to your title question 🙂

  2. Thanks – it’s one I particularly like too! I always HATED being interrogated about my school day – as far as I was concerned it was MY realm, and not one into which my mum had any right to intrude. I was obviously a charming child. I remember infuriating everyone by replying ‘just things’ when asked what I’d done at school. My kids normally either say ‘don’t remember’ or (more frequently) pretend they haven’t heard and start demanding ‘what’s for dinner’. And I can’t say I blame them, really.

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