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March 1, 2012

The Reading Bug (another poem for World Book Day 2012)

In the land of Boreyerpantsoff all the doctors were growing concerned

They couldn’t sleep in their beds at night

They writhed, they twisted, they turned

‘A bug, a bug, a bug’s going round

It’s highly contagious, no cure can be found

We have to protect our children – quick!

It’s virulently violent – they’re sure to get sick

The bug must be banished or hit with a brick

Or booted or battered or burned’


The king of Boreyerpantsoff said to his eminent doctors: ‘Please

Could you tell me how you get this bug,

How do you catch this disease?’

The doctors replied: ‘This broilsome bug

Just comes up beside you and gives you a hug

And after that you can’t get enough

Of books and stories and poems and stuff

And then you’re not bored – oh we have to be tough

And stop this slithersome sleaze’


The doctors of Boreyerpantsoff said: ‘We fear it’s much too late

Our kids have all caught this reading bug, they’re consigned to their story-stuffed fate

And now they’ll have to use their brains

No they’ll never, not ever, be bored again

They won’t watch TV the whole day through

They’ll have a whole lot of reading to do

And then they’ll give the bug to you

They’ll hand it to you on a plate’


When the king of Boreyerpantsoff didn’t answer, a doctor yelled: ‘Look!

The king has caught the disease as well’, and the doctor trembled and shook

But the other doctors just gave a shrug

As they too had caught the reading bug

They chortled and snortled and grinned with delight

They read all day and all through the night

They were never bored again – that’s right

And all because of a book, a book

And all because of a book







March 1, 2012

The Bookworm (a poem for World Book Day 2012)

Rory was a bookworm who lived on a shelf

And as he wriggled through the books, and he said to himself:

‘All the other silly worms get gobbled up by birds

But I’m a brilliant bookworm, and I eat words

I go MUNCH, I go CRUNCH, I eat letters for my lunch

I eat brochures for my breakfast, I eat tomes for my tea

Yes I’m a brilliant bookworm and you can’t beat me!’


The owner of the bookshop didn’t know what to do

Somebody was guzzling books, but who, who, WHO?

She picked up a book – bite marks on the spine!

So she rushed to the phone and dialled ‘nine nine nine’

‘It goes MUNCH, it goes CRUNCH, it eats letters for its lunch

It eats brochures for its breakfast, it eats tomes for its tea

So get me a detective, we must solve this mystery!’


The police hurried in and said ‘’ello, ‘ello, ‘ello

‘Oo’s been eating books round here?’ ‘I don’t know!’

The detective stayed for weeks, for months and a term

But she didn’t find the culprit, no, she didn’t spot the worm

Which went MUNCH, which went CRUNCH, which ate letters for its lunch

Which ate brochures for its breakfast and ate tomes for its tea

And left volumes of fresh evidence for everyone to see


But one sunny day came a girl to the shop

And she spotted Rory worm and said ‘Stop, stop, STOP!

I don’t mean to be nasty, I don’t mean to be rude

But you can’t eat that dictionary; BOOKS AREN’T FOOD!

You can’t MUNCH, you can’t CRUNCH, you can’t eat letters for your lunch

Or eat brochures for your breakfast, or tomes for your tea

Books are for reading, oh worm, can’t you see?’


Rory looked ashamed, Rory shook his head

Rory shuffled, tried to hide, then mournfully he said:

‘Please don’t judge me harshly, I’m never filled with greed

But I’ve got a little problem; I don’t know how to read

So I MUNCH, so I CRUNCH, I eat letters for my lunch

I eat brochures for my breakfast, I eat tomes for my tea

Please sit down here on this chair and read a book to me’


‘Certainly!’ the girl cried, and sat next to Rory

Then opened up a picture book and read the worm a story

Rory listened carefully, and soon was so engrossed

That he said ‘I won’t eat books now, I’ll just make do with toast

So no MUNCH, so no CRUNCH, won’t eat letters for my lunch

Won’t eat brochures for my breakfast, won’t eat tomes for my tea

I’m a brilliant bookworm, so please read some more to me’


Rory was a clever worm and soon could read himself

With bated breath he read through all the stories on the shelf

Although he wanted books to eat – he said he missed the taste

So he ate up small kids’ homework so it wouldn’t go to waste

(‘I’ll go MUNCH, I’ll go CRUNCH, I’ll eat literacy for lunch

Biology for breakfast, technology for tea)

I’m a bookworm, I’m the reading bug – have you got me?’