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June 22, 2012

Supermarket Baby

I’m gliding down the aisles in a trolley that’s so fast

You can listen to the whish of the air as I go past.

I go whooshing with Mum pushing as I shoot past the fruit

Old ladies turn their heads and say ‘Isn’t he cute?’

I stop at near the honey

‘Hey sugar, take a ride

You’re a sweet treat for eating, so hop on right inside’

I breeze past the freezers and I say to a pea:

You think you’re cool? Well darling, look at me!’

I whizz and I whirr with my wheels just a blur

Past the flour and the cake mix where I cause quite a stir.

I fill up the trolley, and then with a shout

I crash into the cashiers: ‘Hey, come and check me out!’

Then I smile for a while as I glide back down the aisle

I’m the supermarket baby and I’m shopping in style.