Wellies, brollies, macs

Jellies, lollies, snacks

Sun hat and sweater

And then if it’s wetter

Some waterproof jackets

Some biscuits (twelve packets)

One pair of knickers

Some new sparkly stickers

Toothbrush and hairbrush

(That ‘can’t find it there’ brush)

Sweets for the car

(Are we there? Is it far?)

Swimming trunks, flippers

Some fluffy warm slippers

Bucket and spade

Some pink lemonade

Our four foot-high teddy

Don’t go – we’re not ready!

All our best toys

(All the ones that make noise)

Rollerblades, stilts

All our pillows and quilts

Notebook and pen

What? We’re leaving here when?

Crayons and scooter

Our mum’s new computer

Some soft cosy mittens

Our cat and her kittens

Plenty of wet wipes

To hide mucky faces

Here’s all our packing

Now where are those cases?

Lock up the door

Get the map for the route

There’s far too much luggage

To fit in the boot!

What can we do then?

Oh well, never mind.

We’ll just have to leave

Both our parents behind.












One Comment to “Packing”

  1. Fantastico! I LOVE this 🙂 Brilliantly conjures the packing frenzy of childhood holidays when it seemed absolutely everything was indispensible and MUST come with us on a week’s trip to a caravan in Wales (where there patently wouldn’t be room for even half of what we were stuffing into cases and carrier bags…!). You are SO very talented – I hope you are ‘discovered’, to fame and fortune, very soon!!

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