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September 28, 2012

Cardboard Rolls

A young ambitious toilet roll

Lamented to the toilet bowl:

‘I want a choice of good careers,

Instead of simply wiping rears’.

The toilet bowl, embarrassed,

Flushed nervously and said:

‘I’ve heard that rolls with lots of class

Are sometimes made of bread’.


The toilet roll at once unravelled.

Then, at snail-like speed it travelled,

Going south for several days

Until it found some mayonnaise.

In papery voice it coughed a bit

And softly spoke: ‘Oh please,

I’d love some soggy lettuce

And an orange slice of cheese’.


The toilet roll now felt fantastic

And, in cloak of clingy plastic,

Climbed and climbed and got itself

Upon a supermarket shelf.

And while it had no taste at all

And lacked a certain crunch,

It was sold for one pound ninety nine

And eaten up for lunch.