The Woman in the Moon

You must have missed me in the mist

When the moon was moist with mizzle

When the most you could see was the ground,

And the sound the whispers of drizzle

I sit all alone, as breathless as bone

As silent and still as a statue of stone

And every so often I hiss and I moan

Staring at stars as they sizzle


I’m the moon man’s sister

You thought that I didn’t exist

You walked on by through the wind-wispy sky

As I lay with my limbs all a-twist

As hunched as a hag, I crouch on a crag

Clothed in the cloak of the clouds like a rag

Weighted with aeons my eyelids sag

But you missed me in the mysterious mist

You missed me here in the mist.





2 Comments to “The Woman in the Moon”

  1. Oh my. That is just flipping awesome!

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