Poems on the theme of ‘Stars’ for National Poetry Day

The Second Big Bang

As soon as the moon sails out of sight

The Star Stealer starts through the storm of the night.

Spectrally speeding through space he spins,

Then seeing the stars, he greedily grins.

Tongue-tingling tickle and sherbetty fizz –

Millions and billions; the stars are all his!

Trillions, gazillions; those small starry wishes

Are heavenly tasting! They’re all quite delicious.

The Star Stealer guzzles and gulps down his snack,

Great galaxies vanish; the world becomes black.

But the stars in his mouth are still whizzing and popping

The Star Stealer’s snatching them all – he’s not stopping!

His mouth’s a black hole, and with slobbery slurp

He sucks them all in then he lets out a…


What a big bang! Oh what has he done?

The universe seems to be back to square one.



In the inkless dark of the page before time,

Before any reason or rhythm or rhyme,

Slowly the chaos began to disperse,

As a poet penned all of life into verse.

Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and Mars,

The beat of the sun and a stanza of stars.


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