Coo Love

A Cockatoo with two tattoos

Met a Toucan in Toulouse,

Who, tooty-tootling through the zoo,

Espied the bird and cried ‘Yoo hoo!

You two-tattooed young bird, now do

You wish to do a third tattoo?’

The Cockatoo said ‘Oo, but who’d

Agree to be thus three-tattooed?’

The Toucan cooed: ‘Do view the news!

All beauty-conscious cockatoos

Have many more than two tattoos!

So do not snooze! No time to lose!’

The Cockatoo said ‘Who would woo

A bird who had a third tattoo?’

‘Who would want to marry you?’

The Toucan cried. ‘For one, I do!’

‘I will not get a new tattoo’,

The Cockatoo said, ‘just for you.

You brutish bird! But I’m too shrewd

To go with you and get tattooed’.

And then she saw a cockatoo

Who had but two tattoos on too.

They fell in love, those cockatoos,

And through the zoo they took a cruise,

Canoodling on their two canoes

To the sound of loud ‘boo hoos!’

From that Toucan from Toulouse

Whose love for that young Cockatoo

Was not, perhaps, exactly true.

(Or that is what I think occurred,

But then again, I don’t speak Bird.

And maybe all that tooting talk

Was only ‘squawk, squawk, squawk, squawk, squawk’.)










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