Zombie Halloween

Midnight chimes.

And out of the slime and the grisly grime

There comes a breath of deathly air,

And a horrible howl of dark despair.

Gravestones crack.

And there in the air, so breathlessly black,

Pairs of dark unseeing eyes

Shake the dust, and start to rise –

Out of the soil and the oil and the mud

And the depths of decay. Then comes a thud

As feet, with bits of flesh and blood

Still strung on brittle bones, long dead,

Embrace the earth and start to tread.

The moon comes out.

And all around, from round about

The shredded sky resounds with screech

As severed fingers clutch and reach

Like roots through window panes and doors

And clasp with knuckles, clamped like claws

Around their limp and lifeless prize.

But what is this – oh what surprise!

A soft and fluffy teddy bear!

But then again, it’s only fair

That zombies cuddle something hairy.

After all, the dark is scary.












2 Comments to “Zombie Halloween”

  1. I didn’t expect to say ‘aaah’ at the end – but I did!

  2. You’re good at creating suspense.

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