Paint Your Friend

That’s it, Rachel, nice round head,

But are you sure Tim’s eyes are red?

And Lisa-Anne is not a blob.

Do try a little harder, Rob!

What delightful small green dots!

Ah, I see – bogies, lots and lots.

A monster face? Now let me guess;

You’ve painted her in fancy dress?

Oh no, I don’t agree there Mike!

That’s NOT what Sarah’s really like!

Now what’s that blue bit? Let me see?

She’s wet herself and that’s her wee?

That’s not funny, children, no!

Sit back in your seat now, Mo!

That’s brilliant work, Semiyah, wow!

Are all you children finished now?

Oh wasn’t that a lot of fun!

Good heavens, Jim, what HAVE you done!

When I said…I didn’t mean…

For goodness sake, his hair’s all green!

It’s in his ears, it’s up his nose!

You’ve even painted all his clothes!

Where’s your common sense gone, Jim?

I didn’t say to paint on him!

Wasn’t ‘paint your friend’ quite clear?

Oh dear

Oh dear

Oh dear

Oh dear!




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