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February 8, 2013

A Beef About Beef

‘Is this steak a mistake? Is it beef?’

‘What a question? Why yes ma’am, of course!’

‘I only eat pony, this beef isn’t phoney!

So take it away – I want horse!

I wouldn’t complain if you gave me a mane

Or a tail that’s all twisty and twirly.

I wouldn’t be bitter with sparkles and glitter

And one that’s all pinky and girly.

A horse that was saddled would not make me addled,

But what is beyond all belief:

When I ask for some horse with some fresh tartare sauce,

My meal’s made entirely from beef!’


February 8, 2013

Sum (a poem for National Libraries Day 2013)

What do you get if you add:

Some paper and glue and some dried-up ink too,

That’s all sorted by name in big stacks,

Some desktop computers, a space for kids’ scooters,

Some shelves and some cabinets and racks,

Some tables and chairs and some current affairs,

And some artwork displayed in glass cases,

Some beeping machines and some new magazines

And some staff with big smiles on their faces?

What do you get if you match them and mix them,

You get out your wand and you magically fix them,

Then add several readers, some young and some old,

Some wealthy and healthy, some hungry and cold?

Ideas given freedom and thoughts set to roam

In faraway places and closer to home.

Minds that are nourished and futures transformed,

Hope, and adventure, and hearts that are warmed.