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February 14, 2013

The (very) Young Lovers, or Valentine’s Activities for Year 2

My love for you is always true.

You’re boring, but I guess you’ll do.


Well, thank you for your card. I think

It’s time you knew; I can’t stand pink.


But do you love me? I’ll confess

I’m hoping that you won’t say ‘yes’.


You could be worse, it’s just that, well…

You’re nasty and you really smell.


Well thanks a bunch! I worked so hard

To make that soppy little card!


Think I care? You’re out of luck.

I don’t like boys, they’re really yuck.


I only made it as Miss said

We had to make one – Pumpkin Head!


Don’t call me names! You stinky rat!

Here – take that! and that! and that!


Oi! Don’t hit me, silly cow!