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March 6, 2013

Never (just) Look at a Book – a poem for World Book Day 2013

Never just look at a book.

Feast on it, gobble it, skim it or scour it,

Drink in the pictures and words, just devour it!

Gulp it or guzzle it, soak up the art.

Find things you love and then learn them by heart.

Read it at school on in bathtubs or bed,

Read it while walking or stood on your head.

Think with it, question it, turn it around,

You might be surprised at the things that you’ve found.

Some things might bore you or flummox or faze you

But some will delight you and charm you – AMAZE YOU!

So next you’re reading a book that is good,

Do more than look at it; really, you should!

Go on, I dare you! I bet that you could!

No, never just look at a book.



March 6, 2013

Captain Book (a poem for World Book Day 2013)

Oo arrrh, oo arrrh, me ‘earties. Who do ye think I be?

I’m Captain Book, with a page for a hook –

It’s the library life for me!

I ride on the waves of the stories, the words put the wind in my sails.

I laugh and I cry, I smile and I sigh,

As I travel the world with the tales.

I can journey wherever I want to, through space or to country or town.

I zip and I zoom though I don’t leave this room;

Books break the barriers down.

Oo arrh, oo arrh, me ‘earties. What do you think we’ll see?

Open a book and then wonder and look.

Come, have adventures with me.