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April 15, 2013

Back to School After Easter

Please note that I was just playing around here – I don’t necessarily agree with the sentiment of the poem. In fact my children were raring to go to school this morning.

Bye to the groves of green-grown grass

It’s back to our lessons, and back to our class

Back to our spellings and long lists of words

And bye to the bellings of insects and birds

Bye to our smiles and bye to our laughs

Back to the tiles, and the charts, and the graphs

And the facts and the figures, times tables and sums,

And the ‘Please stand up straight’s and the ‘sit on your bums’

Bye to the books that we read just for pleasure

And savour and store, remember and treasure

Bye to the chicks, and bye to the foxes

Back to the ticks and back to the boxes

Back to the walls, all so neat and so square

And bye to the call of the sweet spring air

Bye to the world with its wide open pages

It’s back to the rules, and the fools in their cages.