Heavens Above!

A rare foray into the political here, but this came to me in the light of the Same-Sex Marriage bill currently going through the UK Parliament. It seems incredible that people might oppose anything that celebrates love.

Heavens above! Let’s get this straight:

We’re talking of love, not talking of hate.

You can’t define it,

Can’t consign it,

Put it in boxes,

Neatly confine it.

Diverse as the people who feel it and live it,

Who breathe it, who speak it, who cherish and give it.

Encompassing all as the world as wide;

A force, of course, that can’t be defied.

What’s the big problem here? Heavens above!

Please remember: we’re talking of love.

4 Comments to “Heavens Above!”

  1. Elli, as you know this is a subject very dear to my heart. Thank you so much for writing and posting this. It means so much to me to pop on to twitter and see all my fellow booky peeps supporting equal marriage and standing up for my family. The perfect antidote to the bigotry I’m listening to on BBC Parliament right now! Thank you 🙂

    • No worries – dear to my heart too, as my sister is gay. I just don’t understand why people are opposed to something that celebrates love, in all its wonderful diversity.

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