Lucky Dip Squid

I went to the fair and I took one quid,

So I did the lucky dip and I won one squid.

It was slippy it was slidy and I squealed ‘It’s still alive!’

Then I found another fiver and I got another five.

So I’d spent six quid and I’d got six squid.

But what do you think that those six squid did?

The six squid skidded and they landed in a heap

At the bottom of the bucket for the dip (it was deep),

And they writhed and they wriggled and they jiggled and they slid

And they waved ten tentacles then slunk away and hid.

‘What should we do?’ said a kid, ‘This is odd!’

So he dialled up the number for the top Squid Squad.

The Squid Squad came and they shouted ‘Oh my gosh!

Why, this bucket’s far too narrow; it’s a six squid squash!

No room to wibble, and no room to wobble,

It’s a six quid six squid squish squash squabble!

So of course the squid are hiding when you’re really not providing

Them a bucket that’s quite big enough for slipping or for sliding!’

‘But I paid six quid, so the squid’, I said, ‘are mine!

I’ve got the very home for them that’s sure to be just fine!’

So I picked up that bucket and I took it down the path,

I raised the lid and got the squid and tipped them in the bath.

Now sometimes when I feel like it I put them in the sink,

Where they squiggle and they wriggle and they squirt their squidy ink.

So there ends the story of my six pet squid

That I won from the fair when I took one quid.







2 Comments to “Lucky Dip Squid”

  1. “It’s a six quid six squid squish squash squabble!” – lol, love it

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