Unexpected Items

Unexpected items!

Can you spot ‘em? Can you sight em?

Do they stalk you when you walk around the store?

Are they vicious or malicious?

Are they fearsome? Do you fight ‘em

When there might be one or two or even more?

Can you frighten all those items?

Can you bosh and bash and bite ‘em,

As they slobber their saliva on the till?

Are they happy? Are they snappy?

And so do you just delight ‘em

As they gobble gulp and guzzle all their fill?

Are they ogres? Are they trolls?

Or maybe mammoths out for strolls?

Or are they tigers (sabre-toothed) or even hags?

But now let’s look – oh deary me!

It’s obvious, it’s clear to see,

The unexpected items are just bags!

(Unexpected items!

If you spot them, if you sight them,

Then I’m sure that you will not believe your eyes!

But given all the warnings that I’ve had of them this morning

Then I guess they’re all T-rexes in disguise.)




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