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September 13, 2013

Peculiar Pets

At the moment I’m doing some very self-indulgent writing, working on a project entitled ‘Peculiar Pets’ in which I write a poem involving a strange pet beginning with each letter of the alphabet. I’m not going to post the poems on here, just in case some lovely publisher ever decided they wanted them (I live in hope), but here’s the introduction.


Houses make good habitats

For puppy dogs and tabby cats

For guinea pigs and little mice;

Fluffy, friendly, cute and nice.

But why not get a different pet,

The kind that makes your parents shout,

The sort that makes them faint away

And whisper weakly ‘Get it out!’?

They sometimes snap, they sometimes squeeze,

They cannot sit and be ignored.

But get a pet like one of these,

And you will never once be bored.