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October 25, 2013

The Piffington Ghost

Excuse me, Lady Piffington, but have you seen my head?

Ever since they chopped it, it’s been hanging by a thread.

And with these dreadful draughts I have a tendency to cough,

And then it simply shakes a bit before it falls right off.

Oh sorry, Lady Piffington. Ah yes, the blood will stain.

But really being headless is a most annoying pain.

Oh no, my dear Piffington! Of course it doesn’t hurt!

But every time my head drops off the blood begins to spurt.

Ah yes, dear Lady Piffington, my bones do rattle round

And if you’re not too used to it, it is a spooky sound.

But may I interest you, my dear, in all my many moans?

I won a prize the other day for gruesome grisly groans.

And now, dear Lady Piffington, I really think that’s all.

And if you’ll please excuse me, then I’ll exit through this wall.

But my, you’re looking very pale! Oh deary me, you’ve died!

Now come, let’s go and hunt my head; it might have dropped outside