Cheese Scraps

I’m always forgetting the feta. It’s better

If feta is never forgot.

As feta forgotten is horrid and rotten

And gives off a pong in the pot.

As for Caerphilly I’ve been rather silly

And never take very good care.

I carefully fill up my fridge, and yet still

I will somehow forget that it’s there.

This lump of Red Leicester’s been left here to fester

It’s ‘best before’ date was last year.

The ricotta has got a whole lot of old mould

And it’s not very tasty, I fear.

The brie’s not to be, and the cheddar is deader,

They’re both rather chompy to chew.

But we’ll finish these scraps for our dinner perhaps?

So please – are you fond of fondue?




2 Responses to “Cheese Scraps”

  1. That is awesome!


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