Lest We Forget

Here in the UK it’s Remembrance Day, so for once here’s a serious poem (written rather hastily this morning). I make no secret of being either politically-minded, or a pacifist.


Lest we forget. We do, of course;

Those sepia smiles, and then the hoarse

Screams of men, mired in mud,

The shattered shrapnel’s shuddered thud,

The piercing pain of mustard gas,

Are ticked and done in history class.

Do we imagine, when we wear

A plastic poppy (look! it’s there!)

That we are being, somehow, more

Respectful to those men of war

Than if we called for wars to cease

And, joining hands, all pushed for peace?

Politicians, faces grave,

Suited, sombre – they’re not brave

Or honouring of millions dead

By simply wearing scraps of red!

Still the wars go on, while yet

‘Remembering’. Lest we forget.








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