No Brain, Again

Sometimes my brain will start to complain

And say to me firmly ‘Not school! Not again!’

Then it waves ‘toodle-oo’ and ‘bye bye’ to my head

And it stays for a snooze in my bed.

So I sit in my class and I can’t do one sum

As my lazy old brain is refusing to come.

And I do tell the teacher, I try to explain

That it’s really not my fault I’m missing my brain.

I say I’ve cajoled it and urged it and pleaded

And said to it ‘Brain, don’t you know that you’re needed?’

But what can I do when my brain lies there snoring

And tells me that schoolwork is useless and boring?

I tick my brain off and I’m cross and I moan,

But really, my brain has a mind of its own!

I know it’s annoying, it’s such a big pain,

But please don’t blame me – blame my brain.



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