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January 29, 2014

Pudding Olympics

The term ‘pudding olympics’ (i.e. where the only exercise you get is mixing a cake) was coined by my lovely fellow author Helen Dineen.


On you gas marks! Get ready, get steady, get baking!

Stirring and whirring your arms soon start aching

As creaming (while dreaming you’ll soon be the winner)

You whip up perfections of pudding for dinner.

Start whisking! You’re risking the strength of that muscle

But still you can’t stop; you’re determined to rustle

Up visions of glory in puds and desserts.

Keep going! Keep going! I know that it hurts

But now quick! All that pastry is kneaded and rolled

You’re winning! It’s bronze! No it’s silver! It’s GOLD!

The baking

Is over

You’re huffing

And puffing

Your arm’s had a


So come on