Dave’s Navel

Dave’s navel’s a cave in the mound of his belly.

It’s gloomy, it’s roomy, it’s damp and it’s smelly.

There’s no greater crater – it’s five inches wide,

And a whole host of creatures is lurking inside;

There are bugs, there are beetles, and fungi and mould,

And crumbs from Dave’s lunch that are fifty days old,

There are flakes of stale cake, there are forests of fluff,

And great jumbly jungles of junky-gunk stuff,

And if all of that wasn’t quite simply foul,

Every so often it gives a great growl.

So I really do wonder if anyone brave’ll

Take even a peek in Dave’s big cavey navel.

2 Comments to “Dave’s Navel”

  1. Love this!

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