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May 5, 2014

The Supply Teacher

You at the back – be quiet!

You over there – sit straight!

You in the middle – stop picking your nose!

You coming in – you’re late!

You in the blue – no headphones!

You in the orange – don’t yawn!

You – can you please not make faces?

You – tell me, what’s that you’ve drawn?

You in the corner – no whistling!

You with the necklace – no gum!

You in the red, please don’t stand on your head!

You – oh just sit on your bum!

You with the crew-cut – no dancing!

You with that football – no throwing!

You – don’t you dare pull that girl’s curly hair!

You – tell me, where are you going?

You in that jumper – no fighting!

You with the bracelet – no cheating!

You – I have TOLD you to put that away!

You – is that popcorn you’re eating?

You at the side there – no jumping!

You – will you just pay attention!

You – no, you’re not a cool ninja!

You – right that’s it class – DETENTION!