Just a Simple Cuppa

My sister’s a barista.

Have you seen? You can’t have missed her.

She makes black Americano for a waiter from Milano.

She makes latte (very skinny) for a girl who drives a Mini.

She makes marvellous ice-cold mocha for the team who wins at soccer.

She makes many macchiatos for a bloke who grows tomatoes.

She makes cups of cappuccino for a man from San Merino.

And just the other night she made whole vats of tall flat white.

But when I go for supper and I say I want a cuppa

She says ‘What?’

I say ‘Hot’

She says ‘Tea?’

‘Yes, for me’

She says ‘Really? Oh my god! Don’t you know you’re really odd?

I’ve got frappawappadunkedinpumpkincreamysteamyskinnyminimediumroastedgoldentoastedhotespresso

yes oh yes oh!


But tea?

Forget it!’




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