Yo Ho Ho

There once was a posse of pirates

Who swaggered around on seas.

Their daggers were keen, their swords were mean,

They made navies go weak at the knees.

They slashed and clashed, they smashed and trashed,

Leaving billows of blood in their wake.

And they cried ‘Oo, arr, we’re the best, by far!

We’re horrid and no mistake!’

But then those pestilent pirates

All said to each other ‘Now come!

Let’s raise a cup, and we’ll all drink up!’

And they opened a barrel of rum.

From the decks a boy cried ‘Land ahoy!

Look out and steer clear of those rocks!’

But the captain sneered (as he wiped his beard)

And slurred ‘Go wash your socks!’

Bump! went the ship, and wham! bam! slam!

But the pirates all were drunk.

The ship dropped fast, and down went the mast,

And soon the whole vessel was sunk.

Now they say that the ghosts of those pirates

Are prowling around on the loose.

As the waves wish-wash they call ‘Orange squash!

And oh for a carton of juice!’

‘If only we knew!’, wail the ghosts of the crew

That drinking so much would be risky!’

Then they gaze at the wreck and they cry ‘What the heck!’

And they glug a whole gallon of whisky.






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