Stories for Tories

(A response to the decision by the Education Secretary, Michael Gove, to focus the new English GCSE syllabus on dead, white, male British authors)

Some books are better than others.

We have to all get this quite right:

You have to read books that were written by men,

Ones who are dead and were white.

You say you want books made by women?

No need to fuss, dear, there, there.

I’ll throw in a few to placate you.

You can, I suppose, have Jane Eyre.

Books by American authors?

Of course they’re not actually banned,

But none of this killing a mockingbird stuff,

Or your dear little brains might expand.

Stuff from elsewhere? Why should you care!

Works by Adichie, Soyinka?

You’re sitting exams here, not widening your minds!

Do you want to turn into a thinker?

There are so many books that are bad for your brains

And are likely to make you defiant.

Of course, being Tories, we only want stories

That make you all good and compliant.

Children are delicate creatures,

And Gove knows exactly what’s best.

You can all be like me – simply narrow your minds!

And then you’ll do well in your test.











One Comment to “Stories for Tories”

  1. Reblogged this on neverimitate and commented:
    I rarely reblog anything here, but I am spitting nails over the Education Secretary’s tampering (again) with the school curriculum. This time he is sticking his oar in over which books teenagers should study for GCSE English Literature. Forget quality or diversity, just go for old and British. He has publicly stated that he thinks kids should be reading 50 books a year from age eleven, but not any of that populist rubbish. This poem says it a lot better than me…

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