The Farmyard Poll (or Why Voting Matters)

‘Come and vote’, said the goat to the field full of sheep.

But ‘Naaaah’ they all baaed, and ‘We’d rather just sleep’.

‘We need a new farmer’, the goat said, ‘come on!’

But the sheep said ‘Don’t care’, and ‘So what?’ and ‘Be gone!’

And they sneered at the goat and said ‘Don’t make a fuss!

Whoever’s the farmer, it’s not about us!’

The goat cast its vote with a stamp of its hoof

And it cried ‘Well I tried, and right there is the proof!’

The votes were all counted; a wolf was the winner,

And he ate all those sheep (and the goat) for his dinner.

One Comment to “The Farmyard Poll (or Why Voting Matters)”

  1. That is awesome! we are voting in local elections here in May, that really did make me smile. thank you x

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