The Ice Cream Heist

This poem is a bit of a homage to the playground chants I grew up with


Who’s that sneaking,

Stopping at the freezers?

Who’s that peeking?

Two thieving geezers.

One chooses chocolate,

One sticky toffee,

One goes for butterscotch,

One plumps for coffee.

Hands in the coldness.

Three scoops, four scoops.

What astounding boldness!

Five scoops, more scoops.

Pile it in their backpacks

(Surely there’s a better way?),

Run off down the back tracks,

Make a daring getaway.

But what’s all that dripping stuff,

In a trail behind them?

This is getting gripping stuff!

Will the coppers find them?

Run away! Run away!

Footsteps quickly pelting.

Sunny day! Sunny day!

Ice cream quickly melting!

Here come the sniffer dogs,

Followed by the vice team.

Up go their noses,

Catching whiffs of ice cream!

Dogs give a quick lick,

Evidence gets eaten.

Seems like those geezers

Simply can’t be beaten!

High five! Fist bump!

Aren’t we incredible?

Let’s check out the booty.

Oops! It’s inedible!

All that lovely ice cream

Just a pool of liquid.

Who planned that heist then?

Someone really thick did!











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