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June 23, 2014

Toffee Sunset

If you’ve ever made fudge or toffee (taffy), you’ll know how easy it is to burn if you turn your back for a few seconds. For fudge the mixture needs to reach what is known as the ‘soft ball stage’, or the ‘hard ball stage’ in the case of toffee.


Keep an eye on it. Keep an eye on it.

And I do, as the syrup sun oozes

Into caramel clouds, melting

In a soft sweetness of sky, darkening

To a honeyed perfection.

It must be setting now, I think,

It must have reached the soft ball stage.

Any sweeter and it will start to cloy.

So I watch the breeze give its final stirs,

Until for a moment, for one brief moment,

I turn my back, and when I look again

All is black; as dark and bittersweet

As treacle.