Bored Games

We’re all getting bored,

So Dad says let’s play some board games.

Bored games.

Board games.


Some ‘Hurry, roll the dice’ games.

‘Children! Just be nice!’ games.

‘Quick, take a card!’ games.

‘This is far too hard!’ games.

‘Come on it’s your turn’ games.

‘Won’t you ever learn?’ games.

‘Hey! That’s unfair!’ games.

‘So? I don’t care!’ games.

‘Right – I’ll check the rules’ games.

‘You lot are such fools!’ games.

Going on for years games.

Tantrumming and tears games.

Dad’s hard to beat games.

OK, then we’ll cheat games.

‘What? You can’t do THAT!’ games.

‘Don’t be such a brat!’ games.

‘Ha! Dad, I’ve won!’ games.

‘Told you they were fun!’ games.

‘Play another game?’ games.

‘Nah, they’re all the same, games’.

Bored games.

Board games.




3 Comments to “Bored Games”

  1. Just read Nored Games, and congratulations, it is brilliant. It seems to me as if you are talking about the span of someone’s life….. Or is it just me? Excellent!.

  2. Thank you! Can’t say I’d thought of it being about the span of a life, but nice to know there’s hidden profundity in my silly verse!

  3. Your’e welcome. I did say, it could just be me!.

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