On Finishing a Good Book

Have you seen my heart?

I left it, I think,

In some squiggles and scribbles of dried-up old ink,

Where entranced (or entrapped), for ages and ages

It beat to the breath of the thoughts on the pages,

Pulsed with each paragraph, thrummed to the hum

Of the music of words, like the throb of a drum.

Have you seen my heart?

It may be mislaid.

Or rather; I finished the book, but it stayed.

I tried to remove it, but now there’s a tear

Where the book rent my heart right in two.

Just there.




3 Comments to “On Finishing a Good Book”

  1. I really like this poem, I found it very touching and sweet. I was wondering, do you ever write sad poems?. If so, I would love to read one, the tear jerkers are always my favourites!.😥

    • I do occasionally write sad poems, but those almost never go up on my website, as they tend to be much more grown-up poems, and they rarely rhyme. If I’m feeling sad then writing silly stuff cheers me up.

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