Auntie Violet’s Violin

Nothing makes a viler din

Than Auntie Violet’s violin.

If you got a thousand cats

And thwacked them all with baseball bats

(I shouldn’t need to tell you twice

That bashing cats is NEVER nice)

And then you amplified their howls,

Their mews, their yelps, their hissy-growls,

Until that most disgusting sound

Was heard for many miles around,

And then you kept it up all day

And all the night, you’d stop and say

That nasty noise, so rudely blared,

Was quite mellifluous compared

To Auntie Violet’s vile attempt

To play that loathsome instrument.

So that is why I got a bin

And put my Auntie Violet in.



One Comment to “Auntie Violet’s Violin”

  1. Brilliant , vivid imagery of cats being beaten by bats!!.

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