Welcome To Your (not at all spooky) Tour

Good evening, and welcome to Horrorstone Hall!

Scary? What, here? Oh no, no! Not at all!

It’s all very peaceful. What BOO! did you say?

Ghosts? In this castle? Of course not! No way!

And now, to begin. Yes, the ceiling’s quite low,

So just mind your head. Right that’s SHRIEK, off we go!

This fine suit of armour is CLANK CLUNK CLINK old.

You shiver? But why? It’s not ICY BREATH cold.

The portrait? Oh yes, that’s Sir MWAHAHA Crowe.

He died in his sleep many MUUUUURDER ago.

Now these stairs are SCREECH steep, so hold on to the rail.

That’s it! LOOK BEHIND YOU. Oh no, you’ve gone pale!

I think what you need is a warm cuppa BLOOD

This way to the café! But what was that thud?

My goodness! My gracious! You’ve all dropped down dead!

How perfectly strange! Was it something I said?

Such a terrible pity! Alas! Dearie me!

But still, tourists’ brains will be scrumptious for tea.







3 Comments to “Welcome To Your (not at all spooky) Tour”

  1. Wonderfully gruesome.

  2. What an enjoyable horror story….God I love your poetry. Simple yet with a character of its own.

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