Nobody’s out on a night so black,

Nobody’s footsteps creep down the track,

Nobody crawls through the gale’s grisly groans,

Nobody tramps through the wind’s icy moans,

Nobody crosses the desolate moor,

Nobody comes to an old rotting door,

Nobody knock, knock, knocks, ‘Let me in!’

Nobody’s heard through the storm’s howling din,

Nobody desperately rattles the panes,

Nobody hears the clanking of chains,

Nobody pushes the window, ‘squeak’

Nobody goes up the stairs, ‘creak creak’

Nobody pushes the attic door wide,

Nobody’s grabbed and wrenched inside,

Nobody stares, and nobody screams,

And nobody’s body now swings from the beams.

Nobody’s death makes a breath of chill air.

And nobody’s there. And nobody’s there.

And nobody, still, is there.







2 Comments to “Nobody”

  1. Now that’s what I call a scary All Hallows’ Eve poem. Brilliant!!.

  2. Urgh! Chiiiills! Love it!

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