Washing Day

I’m hanging up the washing

And I put it on the line,

And I think ‘How very lucky

That the weather’s nice and fine’.

I hang socks, pants and knickers

I hang blouses, I hang shirts,

I hang sloppy floppy jim-jams,

I hang stiff and starchy shirts,

I hang trousers, towels and pillow slips,

Sheets and spotty shorts,

I hang drip-drying dresses,

I hang jumpers of all sorts.

And I say it doesn’t matter

When the wind begins to howl,

But then it flurries in a hurry

And it whisks away a towel,

And the trousers and the blouses

Are blown all around the houses,

And the pillow slips do backward flips,

The socks zoom off on foreign trips,

The jumpers jump in wonder where

They’re joined by lots of underwear,

Then lightning flares and flickers

As a gust blows off the knickers,

And the jim-jams jaggle jiggle

And they do a little wiggle

Then they fly off through the sky.

But at least my washing’s dry!

















One Comment to “Washing Day”

  1. How do you do it?. They just keep on coming, and they are all wonderful!.

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