I am writing a to-do list

And it’s taking simply ages,

As I’m very very busy

So it runs to several pages.

There are chores galore and even more;

I’ve millions, billions, oodles.

(Although somehow my to-do list

Has an awful lot of doodles).

I’ve used highlighters and sticky notes

And pens of different sorts,

I’ve used markers in the margins

For my fresh ideas and thoughts.

But wait a sec! Is that the time?

How could it be? No way!

Writing this to-do list thing

Has taken all the day!

I’ve changed the fonts a million times;

It’s looking very pretty.

But now I can’t complete my tasks.

Oh bother. Such a pity.







One Comment to “To-do”

  1. To do or not to do, there’s a question for us all!. Excellent poem.

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