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January 20, 2015


Have you seen a Boggle?

It is hard to track them down,

But they make you raise one eyebrow

And then give a little frown.

Yes, they make your brain all achey

Till you have to scratch your head,

And a person with a Boggle

Might say ‘WHAT was that you said?’

They are often found with Baffles

As they make a natural pair.

Though someone who’s got both of them

May simply stand and stare.

Yes, you’ll goggle with a boggle

With your brain a jiggle-joggle,

And you’ll giggle-snigger-snort

At all the crazy things you’ve thought.

But if you stop your thinking

And you give a little cough,

You can say ‘Ahem. Now Boggle,

I’ve had quite enough – BOG OFF!’