Looking Out of the Window

One day, I will climb the sky

And catch a cloud, as it sails on by,

Past roofs, and spires, and tops of trees,

Blown by breath of billowing breeze,

Till far out to sky, my home will seem

A glimpse of long-forgotten dream.

And as my sail-cloud turns and twists,

I’ll watch new cities rise in mists

As far behind me old ones fall,

Though from up here they’ll look so small.

And then, as I’m blown through blackest night,

I will snuggle myself in the pillowy white

Of the cloud’s soft deck. And there I’ll sleep

All through the dark, so silent, deep,

Where lonely stars still sing the birth

Of moons and suns and each new earth.

Then in the morning’s first pink blush

I’ll hoist my cloud-sails up and rush

Through fire-tinged waves of new-dawned air,

Then steer my cloud-ship on to where

I’ll land on the sands of an unmapped shore

And join with the song of the wild world’s roar.

One day.



4 Comments to “Looking Out of the Window”

  1. Ita beautiful. Made me cry

  2. Thank you! A bit of a departure from my normal style (and very derivative, but I just felt like writing it!).

  3. This is so good, well done!

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