Far from the noise and the rush-dash-haste,

And the suits, and the boots, and the greyness and waste,

Far from the concrete, the right-angled walls,

The slickness, the brickness, as hope fades and falls,

Far from the hollow of thrusting ambition,

Far from the rubble of lost opposition,

Far from exhaust, and from smog-clogged-up sorrow,

There stands a small place that is known as tomorrow;

A very small place where the wind is still blowing,

And there, in the air, a flower is growing.


11 Comments to “Tomorrow”

  1. This is absolutely beautiful, Elli. I think it is my favourite poem by you – and I love so many. It is really inspired. Thank you.

  2. Reblogged this on bridgeanne art and writing and commented:
    I am sharing this on my blog post- election as I think it is absolutely beautiful and something to meditate on. Thank you Elli.

  3. Thank you Anne. I found Jackie’s Morris’s photos of flowers this morning so inspiring. It makes you remember that there is hope, and there is a future, and we owe it to our children to fight for it.

  4. Beautiful. I hope we can all catch our flower.

  5. Generations of small flowers have survived the evils of politics. They care nothing for the vanity of humans.

    • Yes, they’re a great symbol of hope (as well, of course, as just being themselves). There are children growing up now who can, and hopefully will, change the mess we’ve landed in.

  6. Have you ever published these amazing thought provoking poems? I never tire of reading them….Your poems are so refreshing to one’s mind and heart. I cannot thank you enough for sharing them.

    • That’s so kind of you to say! My poems aren’t published yet, but I hope they will be one day. Three of my children’s picture books are published here in the UK, with more to follow over the next few years.

      • I definitely will be one of the first ones to purchase your book if you ever do have your poems published. Whatever you charge, it will be WELL WORTH the money and cost! I would probably purchase one or two books of your poems just to pass out to close friends and to share with my husband, who I know will appreciate all your very fine “reads”.

      • That’s really very kind of you.

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