From My Point of View

I may just be small but I’ve great expertise;

I’m a real connoisseur on the subject of knees:


The browny ones, the pinky ones,

The stained with mud and inky ones,

The gnarly ones, the knobbly ones,

The crooked ones, the wobbly ones.


Knees wearing trousers, knees wearing tights,

Knees where mosquitoes have taken big bites.


The washed ones and the shabby ones,

The hard and scarred and scabby ones.

The graceful ones, the dainty ones,

The splittered splattered painty ones.


Knees sat in wheelchairs and knees that are leaping,

Knees made for cunning – for crawling and creeping.


The skinny ones, the puffy ones,

The ‘who’s the beastie?’ fluffy ones,

The racing ones, the running ones,

The lounging round and sunning ones.


Yes, that’s all a person like me ever sees.

I may just be small, but I know about knees!









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