Morning Has Broken (oops!)

Like an egg, the dawn just broke,

And now the sun, that brilliant yolk,

Is rising slowly in the sky,

While egg-white clouds go drifting by.

But then the wind comes, whoosh and whirr,

And gives the sky a short brisk stir,

Until the sun and white clouds too

Are nicely scrambled in the blue.

19 Comments to “Morning Has Broken (oops!)”

  1. I’ll certainly make it a point of duty to watch the beautiful sunrise tommorrow after reading this piece…so levels. Thumbs up!

  2. Reminds me of breakfast.. Splendid.. I can’t write poetry but try to make it up by writing stories and posts here . So, nice poetry here and there refreshes the mind. 🙂

  3. Nice..I like the comparisons you’ve made

  4. Thank you for the smile! I can picture myself sing-songing something like this to my daughter in the morning. I love the playfulness of your work. It makes me want to exercise my own poetry muscles again.

  5. its so light and makes me smile!!!

  6. You are suberbly deep! Your poetry is captivating and your play on words and phrases are utterly amazing! You take our senses to another level. What a beautiful gift you have in painting a picture with words that do not “normally” go into sentences. Excellent! I surely look forward to your peptic pieces. Keep on creating your masterpieces. Your poems and prose are truly refreshing!

  7. That’s a beautiful piece! Loved the way u related the two!

  8. I have a new perception now! Thank you. you are brilliant,
    it is like i can look at the sky while nature makes its breakfast.

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