Lolly Tree

Ice lollies, ice lollies, wouldn’t it be nice (lollies),

Wouldn’t it be good if your ice lolly sticks could grow?

Maybe if you planted them, and possibly enchanted them,

They’d all grow into lolly trees. Oh well, you never know!

Dig a little, dig a little, make the hole quite big (a little)

Push them in the soil and then just wait for them to sprout.

Sit around for hours, and then watch the little flowers,

And eventually the lolly fruit will bloom and blossom out.

Pick a little, pick a little, pick and pick and lick a little,

Hurry now, the sun’s come out – you’ll have to be quite quick!

Ice lollies, ice lollies, wouldn’t it be nice (lollies),

Wouldn’t it be good if you could plant a lolly stick?


29 Comments to “Lolly Tree”

  1. How cute! 🙂

  2. I too write random things like you. Please follow!

  3. Also, can you please reblog my post. I need followers. please!

  4. Such a cute poem. I loved reading it. Enjoy your blog very much.

  5. Such a wonderful poem. I enjoy reading words. 🙂

  6. Pleasant childhood when thoughts of a lolly tree or a chocolate house were a bliss!
    enjoyed reading.

  7. i love your blog! it’s inspiring. if you have time, i would love it if you could check out my blog. thanks 🙂

  8. haha. this poem is great. i really enjoyed it.
    now I’m going to have to read everything else on your blog 😛
    – A.M.Morning

  9. This is beautiful, sweet and i love this 🙂
    Yours may be better than my work! hope you dont mind checking it out and letting me know what you think maybe? 🙂

  10. Reblogged this on Poetry by Nature and commented:
    Definitely sweet! 😀

  11. I love your poems! So great to find a fellow author on here!

  12. I have a lolly tree. Sshh! Don’t tell anyone or they’ll want to steal it. 😉
    Cute poem.

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