Traffic Jam

I know an old lady who swallowed a bike.

I don’t know why – it’s a strange thing to like.

Then to nudge out the bike she swallowed a car.

She gobbled it down, but it didn’t go far.

So to push out the car, she swallowed a bus

(The passengers made the most terrible fuss!)

And to shove out the bus, she swallowed a truck,

But it got half way down and it soon became stuck.

So to heave out the car, she swallowed a digger,

Then said to herself, ‘I need something bigger’,

And what she did next was swallow a plane,

(With the engines and all – just imagine the pain!)

‘I’m ever so full’, she said, ‘that I am,

‘And all of this traffic has made quite a jam!

Maybe these things all taste better on bread’.

But she didn’t find out, as now she’s dead.

24 Comments to “Traffic Jam”

  1. The lesson I got out of this poem is that sometimes we can take on more or to much than we can handle in our life to our own detriment! 🙂 Very nice!…Though I do not know what you are trying to convey, that is what I derived from your amazing poem.

    What I love about your poems is this: Your poems are like viewing or looking at a fine peace of art. One person may get their interpretation of the picture or sculpture, another may get something different from that same picture or sculpture, and if 10 people view that picture or sculpture, you will get 10 different thoughts or interpretations of that piece of fine art, or sculpture that is exhibited. That is the why I enjoy so much reading your amazing material. You paint an imaginary or non-imaginary fun picture with your words that somehow we can relate to or build on from our own life experiences. Thank you again for sharing gleams of insight into the deep thinker that you are! 😀

    • I just think of silly things to write about, but it’s great if you’re finding deep meanings in there! Actually I do sometimes find that my writing has unintentional messages in it, so maybe my subconscious thoughts are coming through.

      • I have to tell you that this sure carries a clear message, at least to me. “Much fussing, striving and bickering don’t always get things done”… It’s a good one, the piece

  2. Wow I love your poems for the originality and humor 🙂
    Please I’m new on this site can you come and visit my blog
    Thank you 😁☺️☺️

  3. Nice poem. You write well. Pls check out my blog too, I’m new also and I’ve written few poems, pls check it out, thanks

  4. Nice twist of a poem there, I like 😊

  5. all i can think about is wow..what a turn-out!But it is a very nice poem and also educational i guess 🙂

  6. it was a really nice and different one. 🙂
    waiting for more like these

  7. Your poems are absolutely wonderful, they speak to the inner child in me 🙂 , and as I write rhyming poetry myself I can always appreciate a good poem that rhymes.

  8. Reblogged this on runeprophecies and commented:
    Hilarious and brilliantly penned. We loved it! Shared and following. 🙂

  9. I will think of this and smile next time I am in a traffic jam.:-)

  10. Your poems are hilarious and amazing 🙂 They’re different from the usual poems that I’ve read. Looking forward to more poems.

  11. I really enjoyed this poem! Reminded me of when I was little and loved reading funny poems, so uplifting 🙂

  12. Refreshingly rhythmical and well,,,just plain fun!

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