Why Not Do Some DIY?

Why not do some DIY?

It’s really easy – have a try!

You’ve got a set of shelves to make?

A doddle! Breeze! A piece of cake!

Let’s find the things you need to use:

Some nails, a hammer, drill and screws.

Then make a hole, that’s right, like that.

Oh whoops! You almost drilled the cat.

But never mind. Now use those screws.

Your pants are fastened to your shoes?

Oh, not to worry. Leave them there

And go and buy another pair.

Now give that nail a little bash.

Oh dearie me, what was that crash?

What’s that you say? The wall’s come down?

Well clear it up! No need to frown!

Next get that plank. The roof’s caved in?

Just shove the ceiling in the bin!

That plank is not entirely straight,

But still, be proud, it’s looking great!

The house collapsed? Don’t sit and cry.

It’s fun to do this DIY!

Your home is kind of wrecked, I know.

But why not mend it, have a go!

After all, you made that shelf,

And hey, you did it all yourself!


22 Responses to “Why Not Do Some DIY?”

  1. This could be biographical for me!

  2. LOL that was awesome, and would be so true of my home should I ever lift a hammer! thanks for the giggle.

  3. The humor is awesome….love it.

  4. Ha, ha! This is fabulous. I needed this laugh today. Thank you for sharing.

  5. That was really good! Made me smile 🙂

  6. Great! Simple message but striking!

  7. This is some good poetry, I’ve got to say,
    You’ve convinced me to DIY right away.

  8. Simple yet charming. I am quite inspired by the effect the rhyming in your poems brings about.
    I would mightily appreciate it if you could visit my blog at https://anishmadeti.wordpress.com and leave a few thoughts on poems i’ve written.

  9. Laughed out loud at “Oh not to worry. Leave them there” :). Thank you for cheering up my day!


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