There Was a Young Woman…

There was a young woman who lived in a queue.

So many people! But what could she do?

She waited for minutes, she waited for hours,

Through sunshine, through snowstorms, through thunder, through showers.

She waited for weeks, day after day.

Her face got all wrinkled, her hair turned quite grey.

She waited for months, she waited for years,

Till one afternoon, to the sound of loud cheers,

She got to the front of the queue, one December.

But why was she queuing? She couldn’t remember.


34 Responses to “There Was a Young Woman…”

  1. I think I was the one queuing!!. Very, very nice poem , I love it!

  2. what a subtle way to put into words people’s unconsciousness/
    unawareness while going through life 🙂 that’s how i understood it anyways

    • That’s not what I was thinking when I wrote it, but that’s the good thing about poems – you can read so many different meanings into them, and they take on a life way beyond that of their author.

  3. I really loved it! thanks for the smile.

  4. Ha ha ha! Loved your poem. I laughed. This happens…I forget why I went to the pantry, to get what? Thanks for these lines. Yaz

  5. Nice poem. It makes you think about how most people live unconscious, not knowing what they want out of life. Anyway, I totally loved it

  6. Great poem- inspiring! Thanks for posting!! 🙂

  7. Then there was a young man
    Who read poems with moons
    Poems of sorrow,poems of love
    Poems of joy and poems with queues
    But no poem has he found
    That made him forget the things he seek
    Like this beautiful poem did…….,

  8. I love your poems!

  9. its great, we often lose focus on why we were given this life to begin with and we neglect our purpose in life. good one

  10. Lovely poem. We all just want to rush towards the destination, nobody really enjoys the offerings of the journey.


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