The Night War Drobes

Left, right! Left, right!

The wardrobes go to war.

Forward march! They fiercely fight

In squadrons as you snore.

‘To do or die!’ they bravely cry,

‘We won’t admit defeat.

We’ll make quite sure those clothes of yours

Are never, ever neat’.

They shoot out shoes and shorts and shirts,

With hangers as their bows.

And now they’re firing frocks and skirts,

To blast their wooden foes.

The troops fling trousers, shocked with socks,

As pants come pelting past.

But now the sun comes streaming in;

The battle ends at last.

And in the morning all that’s left

Are clothes strewn on your floor.

The only sign that in the night

Your wardrobe went to war.



13 Responses to “The Night War Drobes”

  1. haha, this made me smile!

  2. Very funny. Great take on clothes:)

  3. I like this a lot! 🙂

  4. Sublimely daft and brilliant!

  5. Love this!! Reminds of my kids room!!

  6. Being a more serious poet myself, its always so refreshing to hear a light hearted funny poem. Great work; I loved it.

  7. This is great!

  8. Amusing piece!

  9. You are my new favorite person


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