The Song of the Dung Beetle

[Note: If my vast scientific knowledge (aka Wikipedia) is to be believed, dung beetles really do navigate using the stars]

At night I gaze at the moon above,

And stare at the stars in the distance.

I ponder the meaning of life, and such,

And contemplate truth and existence.

Oh the thoughts that I think as I stew in the stink;

Philosophy’s just what I do.

But I live in a pile, a big steaming pile,

A HUGE steaming pile of…

I have to put up with a lot, you know;

The stigma I have to endure!

And the insults I get from the people I’ve met,

As I eat up the muck and manure.

I never get praise for my stargazing ways,

Or the mess-cleaning work that I do.

As I live in a pile, a big steaming pile,

A HUGE steaming pile of…


13 Comments to “The Song of the Dung Beetle”

  1. I love this…I kept wanting to finish the line 🙂

  2. Brilliant! This brought to my mind a couple of things, most notably Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis. Keep it up – inspiring stuff there

  3. I also meant to say, the other thing it reminded me of was the famous Oscar Wilde Quote: ‘We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.’

  4. lol that was great and it really made me smile. thank you

  5. Tee hee! Love the way the mind fills in that little blank…with childish glee 😉

  6. The harsh reality of life, that’s where we live. Great work!

  7. Ahugestreamingpileofpoo! *sigh* there! I said!

  8. Does that mean that the secret of where the next steaming pile can be found is located in the stars? Food for thought…

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